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About Us


Why The Bubble Tree?

Why this concept?

This project was born out of a real need as a mother to have all kinds of activities for the family in the same place in order to be able to spend excellent moments of sharing, conviviality, learning, leisure, welfare...

Why this name?

"The tree" because nature is dear to me, my job as a naturopath, and because it constitutes our living environment. 

"The tree" because a family tree constitutes the family lineage therefore corresponds to all ages of life.

"with bubbles" because in my opinion, each of us needs several bubbles of happiness to flourish in life, and our personal bubble is like our cocoon in which we bring what we want.

Do not hesitate to make a small place for "The bubble tree" in your cocoon!

Birth of the tree

One fine day, after having experienced motherhood twice,  the seed of an "idea" fell into my head one day.

It ferments there gently then in October 2017 the germination begins...

The first roots were born in February 2018 when I visited the premises which would become "L'arbre à bulles" 6 months later.

  But my tree is special! after the bark and the trunk, it also grows leaves and flowers... "bubbles"

These bubbles are all the bubbles of happiness that each of us needs to flourish in life, alone or with loved ones or not so close.

Lots of bubbles to share in conviviality, with family, in joy

Join me on this adventure to 

"Savor each Bubble of Happiness like sparkling moments"

arbre vierge.jpg

Who am I?

I am Adeline, mother of 2 wonderful children and

creator of the Bubble Tree Activity Center

This project is the culmination of a desire to share everything I love, all the areas in which I was trained, the goal being to create a place of conviviality for all, of sharing at all ages of the life.

I am a Naturopath therapist, art therapist, Bach Flower consultant and I have been practicing this profession for more than 10 years.

Also trained in professional make-up and passionate about cake design.

Over the years I have specialized in the field of motherhood and childhood. (I practice at the Lucioles health center in Valbonne) which convinces me that gentle therapies and the expression of emotions through art therapy are necessary for the development of children, just as much as sharing activities with their parents .

I am delighted to share with you this adventure in this tree of life, in which everyone has his/her bubble(s) of happiness.

And come with me "Savor each Bubble of Happiness like sparkling moments"!

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